Eurosky Project

The Eurosky architectural project elaborated by the Centoarchitects group, in partnership with TGG Architecture Studio, is inspired by the Calatrava’s Oculus idea in Manhattan, appropriately revisited according to the actual Eurosky Project.

The construction is designed according to the techniques of the “Casa Allegra” project, with the traditional anti-seismic steel structure, used for the construction of skyscrapers.

The construction concept involves an off-site production of most part of the pieces, with little parts in structured concrete. This approach helps to create a shorter on-site time of construction.

The office areas, Showroom and common spaces have been designed, payng the highest focus on design and space comfort, above the inner concept of functionality.
Two co-generating and Tri-generating power plants, guarantee a highest level of energy autonomy, near to 100% of the total needs of the production plant.

The project will be an excellent example of eco-sustainable industry, with a low carb emission, water treatent without dispersion in the environment, and a thermic insulation of the buildings guarantees a very low dispersion of energy.